Introduction from Renata Ramalhosa, Deputy Consul General São Paulo, Director DIT Brazil

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Renata Ramalhosa CROP2A question I hear often when it comes to investment is “Why Brazil?”

Companies in the UK are not extremely familiar with the Brazilian environment for business.

According to a SEBRAE research, 34.5% of Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 64 are involved in starting their own business or have already established their own company. Brazil has a massive appetite for new businesses and ideas. In 2018, out of the 260 companies that achieved the Global Unicorn Club, six were Brazilian. Those companies achieved that status after only ten months after opening up for new investments.

Beyond this exciting scenario for new businesses, the Brazil-UK relationship goes back centuries in industries such as mining, railroads, constructions and more. The Brazilian market is open to British expertise as the country continues to grow and needs new technologies, infrastructure and investment.

In order for the UK to make the most of the opportunities available, it needs to move away from outdated perceptions of the country. This is in stark contrast with the positive light with which the UK is viewed by Brazilians where the history we share is more deeply remembered than in the UK.

The Department for International Trade is here to foster opportunities, connect companies interested in deepening business ties, and increase the partnership between the two countries. You can count on our team to support your internationalisation strategy to Brazil with local knowledge that understands your language and needs.


Renata Ramalhosa
Deputy Consul General São Paulo, Director DIT Brazil


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